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Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters Of Constant Temperature Bath /Low Temperature Bath

  Double Walled, inner thick gauge SS, Outer GI Powder finish / SS.

 Digital proportional controller / Micro controller for precision control of Temperature within + 0.10C
 Electrical Stirrer / Circulatory pump for uniformity of temp. within bath. Booster heater provided.
 Front / Back toughened / safety glass viewing window optional.
 Low Temperature Bath 50C, 00C, -150C, -250C available.
 Oil bath with higher temperature upto 3000C also available.
Bacteriological Incubator Blood Bank Refrigerator BOD Incubator Clean Room Equipment
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Fume Chamber Humidity Oven Laboratory Autoclave Laboratory Oven
Laminar Flow Bench Muffle Furnace Orbital Shaker Incubator Rotary Shaker
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